BobblePic Terms Of Service

We try not to be too restrictive when it comes to terms of service, however there are a few rules that we would like you to abide by when using our site. If you are in any doubt about whether images you are uploading to our site are suitable, or do not fall within our guidelines, please get in touch with us before uploading.


All images uploaded to must be done so with the consent of the owner or the originator of the image. All images reported to us by the general public are investigated as necessary. Copyright infringement is an offense and as such we will always endeavour to remove copyright content from our site, if ownership cannot be proved by either party.

Adult Content

Adult content, and content linking is not allowed at All adult content will be removed. Images of a sexual nature, but not graphically displaying hardcode adult material will be moderated, but are usually accepted. Images depicting any form of child pornography or abuse will be removed immediately.

Image Hot Linking

Hot linking of images is allowed at, with a few caveats. We encourage hotlinking as a service provided by bobblepic for the hosting of images published on forums and bulletin boards, as well as within the confines and process of sharing images with friends, family and associates, as well as sharing to social media and other platforms. We do not however allow image hosting / hotlinking by forum and site owners to mass host images that should otherwise be hosted on the originators servers. These include, but are not limited to, banners, headers and avatars. We reserve the right to remove any images that we feel should have been hosted on a server operated by the owner of the site to which they are posted or used. We are not a free CDN.

We Are Not A Backup Service

Your images in your own account will remain there free of charge forever and we encourage you to use our service to store, share and organise your precious moments. However, we are primarily an image sharing community, not a backup device. We run hourly backups of fresh content, as well as nightly backups of all image servers, but cannot accept responsibility for any losses occurred that are deemed outside of our control in the event of hardware failure, cyber-attack or malicious events. We advise all important images are kept in a secure location, outside of this service.

Accidental Uploads

Mistakes happen. If you inadvertently upload an image as a guest user that contains personal information, or accidentally upload an image you do want to be displayed publicly, so needs to be removed, please use the embed codes to retrieve a link to the image and send it to for removal. You can also send the link over to us using the site contact form. We ask that you provide a reason for the removal along with the link.

Twitter Posting run an active Twitter account ( Occasionally we may add images from the [] site to our Twitter feed if we deem them to be of interest to our followers. We will only add images that are fully public. We are defining fully public, for use only within the boundaries of posting to Twitter as images that are not private, are not in a private album and have not been posted by a user with a private profile. Any images posted will be available, as set by the user on the site as public and will only be used if the images are already available to view without restriction by all other users.

If you feel that we have posted an image to our Twitter account timeline inappropriately, please contact, complete with a like to the tweet on the Twitter timeline, whereby it will be removed.

Advertising / Link Building is an image and link sharing community with a focus on community spirit. Whilst we will allow individuals and companies to host images for their personal, or business ventures, any images that are clearly only link/word building adverts with descriptions and/or links that we deem are not appropriate for this site, or would potentially harm our relationship with our main advertisers, will be removed without warning. These include, but are not limited to, company logos / shots of work in progress with huge descriptions intended only for Google and other search engines to find. Images with broken links to company (or other) websites may also be removed without warning. Users come to to see and comment on great content, which if pointed to broken links would have an effect on the continuity of the site and it users.


BobbleNET IRC is a free to use IRC network available for public, private or commercial use. The following criteria is in place to protect us and our end users. The content allowances for our IRC network are not as strict as the image/link sharing services available on the main website. 18+ and chat of an adult nature is allowed. The following are unacceptable topics of chat ...

  • Racial hatred and/or religious slander
  • Child abuse / child pornography
  • Non-fantasy snuff chatter / suicide chatter
  • Conspiracy to commit/inspire/organise, terrorism or terrorist activities
  • The sale or trade of drugs/weapons

We also reserve the right to close down any channel containing any other topic our IRCops deem to be outside of generally accepted international or local laws.

Our Rights & Responsibilities undertake zero responsibility regarding any information, services or products provided through, in connection with, or located on the servers owned by, or on any services operated by, We deny all warranty without limitation any responsibility as to the availability, accuracy, or content of information stored or distributed by, our service.

General Common Sense

Most people are aware of what constitutes as legal or illegal. We are a relaxed open community that would like to participate in sharing media around the growing world wide web. Remember, we are the judge of what can and can't be shown / linked to or distributed on or from our servers. We hold all rights without prejudice or reservation to remove any/all content as we see fit.