Sneak Peeks

What new features are we working on at the moment?

This is our little place where we talk about everything that coming up with regards to new features and services on Check in often to see what is happening on the site!

Very Soon

MEME Generator

MEME's are the viral images you see floating around the internet with captions at the top, bottom, or both. We're building a really cool gadget to allow registered users to turn any of their images into cool, viral MEME's

Image Comments

We are getting a lot of feedback from users who want to interact with the people posting other images. We hear you! Very soon, a brand new commenting module will be added to allow comments and upvotes on every image.

Private Messaging

Users need to communicate, so we're adding private messaging to our awesome platform.

Not So Soon, But Not That Far

Group Albums

Create groups of people to have joint collaboration on albums. Groups of friends and family members will be able to share whole albums with the album ower assigning read or read/write access for each of the members.

Upvotes On Images

Don't want to comment, but want to share an opinion? Great! You'll be able to upvate and downvote the images as they appear.

Quite Far, But Coming

Social Bookmarking

Sharing images is cool, but sharing bookmarks and links from around the web, AS WELL as images would be even cooler. OK, we can do that :)

Free Posting

But I just want to say something? OK, we can do that too. We are also launching free posting, allowing random thoughts, fun stuff and comments to just be thrown right out there.

Give us some more ideas .....

Wouldn't the world be a lovely place if people were just listened to a little bit more? Well, here we are! Inspire us with some ideas of what would make a cool place to be. GET IN TOUCH and tell us!