BobbleNet IRC

BobbleNET IRC - Free to use IRC network

BobbleNET was founded so that the original Bobble Project administrators could communicate effectivly, collaborate and log conversations. A function that we still use to this day. Over a lot of coffee one afternoon, one of the guys said, "Hey, if we are a sharing community, why not open the IRC network up for those that want to use it"?

So that's exactly what we've done!

Connect to the network @

We've created #bobblepic & #help, where you are always welcome.

You are welcome to use the channel and nick services, create rooms of you own and run them as you wish for private, public or commercial use. BobbleBot looks after the ChanServ functions, should you wish to use them.

There are a few additions in our Terms & Conditions that we ask that you read before starting out on our network, however they are short and only designed to weed out the few people who may want to use our services improperly.